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 Warning : Any Script needs to be imported to be added to your Zmud. To import a script, do Alt then S, I, A. This will make popup a box in which you'll need to select the downloaded file. - Some script requires color syntax enabled here is how to enable it : Click on prefs then set up as following : Click here .

1. SpellupScript

Warning. This spellup script uses regular expression which came in zmud 6+. Script won't work on previous versions.
You need particular settings to use this script (those won't harm any other script) Click on prefs - go to script parser - Make sure the two following options are checked.
* Allow <> for expand
* Wildcards in {} triggers
Once done, import the file.
After Import read helpspellup to know commands and how to set up script for clan skill.
If you have a previously installed version of this script type #DELCLASS {Spellup} before importing new one.
  Download the file : /SpellupScript - V3.4.TXT SpellupScriptV3.4.TXT [102.2 KB 06/03/2008 20:46]

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2. Full Reporter
Check the ReadMe for infos/commands
  Download the file   [8.97 KB 10.01.2007 13:47]  

3. MoonScript
Script to display status of moons. To work, you'll need to see each of the 3 moons disappear once or ask someone having script to refresh you. This script also needs the ticks to be seen on mud. (autotick command to toggle)
You'll have to add manually one trigger on ticks or you can add the value to an existing one.
#TRIGGER {^--> TICK <--} {#IF (%class( MoonScript)=1) {MoonScriptUpdate}}
Aliases :
Refresh 'playername' : To update that player with current moons values
Tellmoon 'channel' : Report moons status - example of channels : gtell or tell playername
  Download the file : MoonScript.TXT MoonScript.TXT [10.54 KB 02.10.2006 17:11]

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